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Protect Redevelopment

Governor Jerry Brown's 2011-2012 proposed budget includes the elimination of redevelopment agencies in California. View Redevelopment FAQ. A broad coalition of mayors, council members, local governments, business and labor, environmental leaders and affordable housing advocates oppose the State’s attempt to kill local redevelopment. Here’s why:

This proposal represents more of the same state raids of local funds that voters have repeatedly and overwhelmingly acted to stop.

  • The proposal to kill redevelopment represents the same old budget tactics of raiding local government funds to solve the State’s budget problems.

  • In November 2010, more than 5.7 million voters, a resounding 60.7%, voted to pass Prop. 22, to stop the State from taking, borrowing or redirecting local government funds - including local redevelopment.

  • Cities and local governments want to work with the State as partners to balance the State budget and in the important effort to realign services to the local level, but this proposal creates a toxic environment that city and other local government officials have no choice but to oppose.

Facts About Redevelopment in San Jose

Fast Facts


Downtown San Jose Without Redevelopment
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Timeline of Selected Projects
Timeline of Projects
Support for Redevelopment
American Institute of Architects (support letter)
Big 10 Mayors (support letter)



quote Redevelopment has been San Jose's most important tool [for economic development], enabling us to step out of our regulatory role to play an active entrepreneurial role, with the agility and the initiative to make things happen that could not have happened otherwise. quote

- District Four Councilmember Kansen Chu


quote [The elimination of Agency projects] would be a total disappointment [and] would really impact our neighborhood in a negative way. quote

- Resident of McKinley Neighborhood


quote [Strong Neighborhoods] taught us how to be empowered and own our neighborhood. quote

- Resident of McKinley Neighborhood


quote Nothing will be solved by [eliminating Redevelopment]. quote

- Ramona Lerma, San Jose resident

Strengthen Neighborhoods

Implemented neighborhood revitalization program to build clean, safe and attractive neighborhoods. Redevelopment has invested $103 million in 19 neighborhoods.

Key Investments:

  • Build new parks, community centers, public art, libraries
    and schools
  • Traffic calming and safety initiatives
  • Housing rehabilitation loans and grants
  • Street and pedestrian improvements
  • Neighborhood beautification and clean-up
  • Storefront improvement grant program

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Support Small Businesses

$284 million to revitalize neighborhood-serving commercial areas. The Agency supports business clusters and eight neighborhood business districts: West San Carlos, East Santa Clara, Story Road, Alum Rock, Japantown, Luna Park, The Alameda, and Winchester. Of the businesses located within the business districts, 95% percent are small businesses.

Key Investments:

  • Support, promote and market neighborhood-serving small businesses
  • Improve storefronts and streetscapes
  • Develop incentives for new housing and retail
  • Create educational seminars for small businesses
Build Public Facilities

$1.3 billion in building public facilities, infrastructure and improvements throughout San Jose’s redevelopment project areas.

Since 1977, the Agency has invested nearly $2 billion to improve downtown San Jose. Approximately $340 million for educational programs, services and facilities in neighborhoods and downtown.

Key Investments:

  • Preserve historic landmarks and structures
  • Support retail and business development
  • Construct transportation and cultural facilities
  • Build new parks, flood protection, community centers, public art and libraries
Spur Economic Development

$116 million invested in infrastructure in South San Jose (Edenvale Technology Park) over the past 20 years has stimulated significant private investment in over 13 million square feet of prime R&D, office, and manufacturing space, in which more than 300 companies generating over 13,500 jobs operate.

Investment in infrastructure in the North San Jose industrial area (Rincon de Los Esteros), such as Route 87 improvements; flood control; the Brokaw Road - U.S. 101 undercrossing and new Tasman bridges serves more than 4,600 acres and is home to 1,400 national and international companies employing 66,000 people.

$10 million dollars in the San Jose BioCenter, a lifesciences incubator facility. The 36,000 square feet scientific research facility has attracted $1 billion in capital and created more than 800 direct jobs.

Key Investments:

  • Construct transportation and public facilities
  • Land use and economic development policy updates
  • Direct investment in companies through capital equipment acquisition grants
  • Establish San Jose as a clean technology hub
  • Park developments and flood protection


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