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Information Memos 2006/07/08/09

2009 Memos

12/21/09 Strong Neighborhoods Initiative Business Plan Update with SNI NAC Leaders
12/03/09 Response to Request for Information About the San Jose Municipal Stadium

11/24/09 Response to Boardmember Campos' Request for Information Regarding
Agency Assets

10/06/09 Urban Land Institute Article - San Jose "Making an Urban Comeback"

09/03/09 Contracts, Facade Grants and Purchases Valued at up to $250,000 Executed by the Executive Director or General Counsel, January 1 to June 30, 2009

08/26/09 Vietnamese American Community Center Project Vision Event

08/20/09 Merged Area Redevelopment Project Revenue Bonds

08/18/09 Neighborhood Business Corridors Retail Vacancy Report

07/10/09 Update on Diridon Station Area Good Neighbor Committee

07/09/09 Downtown Office "Site Finder" Web Site Launch

07/09/09 Downtown Survey Results

07/02/09 Status Report Fire Museum in Fire Station #1

07/01/09 County Assessor's Report on the Agency's Projected Growth

06/30/09 $24.16M award of State Proposition Infill Infrastructure Grant for the North San Pedro Housing Project

06/25/09 San Jose Downtown Association Executive Director Compensation
05/29/09 Response to Councilmembers' May 21, 2009 Budget Document

06/09/09 4th Amendment to the Development Disposition Agreement with
360 Residences, LLC

05/12/09 Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

05/08/09 Response to City Council/Agency Board Referral: April 7,2009 Item 9.1 - A'S Stadium in San Jose

04/28/09 Status of City Incubators

04/02/09 Athletic's Stadium in San Jose

03/06/09 Approval of Enterprise Zone Expansion

02/24/09 Measure A Funding of Downtown Health Care Facilities

02/09/09 San Jose Redevelopment Agency Update

01/29/09 Contracts, Facade Grants and Purchases Valued at up to $250,000

01/27/09 Safeway in The 88

01/22/09 Peralta Action Plan and San Pedro Square Urban Market Study Information

01/13/09 Primary and Urgent Care Expansion Downtown

2008 Memos
12/10/08 Japantown Corporation Yard Project Update
12/05/08 San Pedro Square Urban Market Business Terms
12/04/08 Proposed Plan Amendment to Increase the Agency's Tax Increment Cap
12/03/08 Redevelopment Bond Sales Results

12/03/08 Contractor Prequalification Program for the Convention Center Phase 1 Expansion
11/07/08 San Pedro Square Owner Participation Agreement
11/07/08 Brocade Communications Systems Corporate Headquarters Expansion

11/07/08 California Clean Tech Open Partnership

10/28/08 Redevelopment Bond Sales Results

10/08/08 Neighborworks Community Leadership Institute Conference

10/06/08 FY 2008-09 Capitol Budget Calendar
08/11/08 Contracts, Facade Grants and Purchases Valued at up to $100,000
07/18/08 Bio-manufacturing Market and Facility Study

06/18/08 San Jose Redevelopment Agency Funded Rehabiliation of Historic Properties

05/28/08 BEA Systems Building Update

05/15/08 Sales Taxes from Small Businesses
04/11/08 Hotel Montgomery Title Transfer

04/25/08 San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce-Value of Services

04/04/08 Transfer of the Theatre on San Pedro Square to Tabard Theatre Company

04/03/08 North San Jose-Letter to the Santa Clara Unified School District
02/20/08 Former Porter Stock Building Update

02/19/08 SummerHill Homes ENA Update

02/12/08 City Council/Management Team Priority Setting
02/07/08 Payments by Redevelopment Agency to Santa Clara County

01/30/08 Bond Insurance, Ratings Reduced

01/23/08 Contracts, Facade Grants and Purchases Valued at up to $100,000

01/17/08 Porter Stock Building

2007 Memos
10/30/07 Request for Proposals for the Former Fire Station No. 1
09/11/07 Contracts by Executive Director
09/07/07 Recent Incidents at the San Jose BioCenter and in the Edenvale Technology Park

08/10/07 Actions to Locate Cirque Du Soleil Downtown

05/07/07 Response to Budget Study Question

04/20/07 SJSU Student Request to Hang Banner at Tower 88 High-Rise Housing Project
04/13/07 High-Tech Leasing Activity in the Rincon Redevelopment Project Area

04/09/07 360 Residences Projects: South First Street Building Damage

03/28/07 Living Tomorrow/Mesa Exclusive Negotiations Agreement Extension

03/12/07 Japantown Corp Yard Developer Selection
02/28/07 City Hall Retail Update
02/23/07 BEA Systems Acquisition of the Sobrato Tower

02/13/07 Kaleid Gallery

02/09/07 Theatre on San Pedro

01/25/07 Contracts Under $100K Executed by the Executive Director or General Counsel
01/24/07 Saint James/Julian Area Annual Parking Occupancy Report

2006 Memos
12/22/06 Response on Staff and City Year Outreach
10/19/06 NVIDIA Corporation Product Launch

10/02/06 NVIDIA Discussions

09/29/06 Theatre on San Pedro
08/10/06 Budget Study Session Responses
08/29/06 Tax Increment Forecast Spectrum Economics

08/10/06 Budget Study Session Responses

08/08/06 Use of Our City Forest for Tree Establishment
08/01/06 Artist & Craftsman - 4th Street Garage
07/24/06 Redevelopment Plan Adoption Timeline
07/05/06 Remaining Construction Funds From King Jr. Library Project
06/26/06 490 and 500 South First Street Redevelopment, Summerhill Homes
05/17/06 Budget Study Session Responses
05/10/06 North San Pedro Update
04/26/06 Draft of the Parking Management Plan
04/25/06 Mercury News Item Regarding the Guadalupe River Park
04/17/06 Abate Mold at Agency-Owned Property 366 South First Street
05/10/06 North San Pedro Update
03/22/06 Japantown Corporation Yard Community Engagement

03/03/06 Contracts Up To $100,000 Executed by the Executive Director
01/09/06 CRA Board of Directors

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