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Strengthening San José
Winter 2005

North San Jose 2030 - Promoting the New Economy

North San Jose, also known as the Innovation Triangle, is one of the most prestigious employment centers in the United States, home to more than 1,200 multinational technology companies employing over 54,000 workers.

Much of North San Jose's existing 42 million square feet of industrial space is, however, functionally obsolete, dating back 25 or more years. San José and its development partners have embarked upon a proposal to add value to limited real estate resources and prepare North San Jose to address the needs of the 21st century workplace. Policies adopted in the 1970's and 1980's stifle the creation of environments that are conducive to innovative research and development activities. San José is investing in the development of a visionary plan to create an urban place where engineers, programmers, and scientists work and live in a dynamic environment that promotes growth and enhances economic prosperity.

Consistent with the Mayor's Getting Families Back To Work initiatives, the City's Economic Development Strategy, and the Rincon Redevelopment Plan, staff from the Department of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement, the Office of Economic Development, the Department of Transportation, and the San Jose Redevelopment Agency (SJRA) have collaborated on a year-long work program to plan for the intensification of development in North San José.

The plan would allow for the development of 26.7 million square feet of new R&D and office space, with 16 million square feet centered in a 600-acre area along North First Street between Brokaw Road and Montague Expressway; 32,000 new housing units; and 1.4 million square feet of industrial-serving retail space. Approximately $520 million in freeway and intersection improvements have been identified to support the development program outlined above. The SJRA has made a $30 million commitment of funds in its 5-year capital budget as a public contribution towards infrastructure improvements. At full build-out of the projected industrial development, this plan could generate approximately 83,000 new job opportunities, create walkable communities close to public transit, and generate millions of dollars in tax increment and General Fund revenues.

The SJRA has invested $650,000 to fund the Environmental Impact Report and traffic studies for the project. General Plan amendments, a modification to the Area Development Policy, and an Environmental Impact Report that will implement the North San Jose 2030 plan are expected to be presented to the Planning Commission and San José City Council for adoption in June 2005.

For more information about North San Jose 2030, please visit the website at www.sanjoseca.gov/nsjplan.

Redevelopment Spurs Retail Opportunities

To address the recent economic analysis report that showed San José is 20 percent under-retailed compared with surrounding cities, the San Jose Redevelopment Agency (SJRA) has an aggressive Retail Recruitment Program to help businesses find great locations and offer residents a wide variety of shopping opportunities.

Downtown San José

During the last 18 months, more than 240,000 square feet of retail space—equivalent to eight football fields—was added to Downtown San José. New businesses locating to Downtown this spring include Black Sea Gallery furniture and rug store, Pueblo Viejo Imports furniture store, The Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant, and Zyng Asian Grill, Capers Loft, Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge, and University Chicken. Currently, 17 more businesses are under construction.

With Downtown retail activity on an upward trend, in February 2005 the City Council gave final approval to CIM's Central Place. This mixed-used high-rise housing project is scheduled to begin construction in the Fall 2005. The CIM project will deliver needed housing, retail, and jobs to the downtown community.

Larger-format retailers that are too big for Downtown, will soon find a home at San Jose Market Place on Coleman Avenue at Taylor Street. This project, anchored by Target, is scheduled to begin construction in Spring 2005.

Neighborhood Retail

San José neighborhood retail activity is also booming. In addition to numerous mall expansions, more than 40 new small restaurants and retail stores have been added to the SJRA Neighborhood Business Districts (NBD) in just the last year. The NBD program was established to revitalize and encourage private investment in San Jose's older commercial districts.

More main street tenants are recognizing the buying power of the Eastside and the Hispanic community. When you compare population, average household income, and median age in Willow Glen, The Alameda, and East San José, the results are almost identical. But once you include traffic counts, East San Jose's numbers are off the charts.

Plaza de San José, located at the southeast corner of Story and King Roads in East San José, is poised to capitalize on these demographics. This retail center will create new commercial opportunities, while supporting existing merchants in the Story and King retail area. New retailers Target and Famsa, a Mexican retailer of furniture and electronics, will join current tenants Walgreens Drug Store, and Ritmo Latino, a Hispanic music store.

Other major retail centers include the Hitachi project at Cottle and Hwy 85 and the GE site on Monterey Road. These two sites will add one million new square feet of retail space to San José. A new retail/mixed-use project at the Hacienda Center at Foxworthy and Meridian has also been approved.

The City of San José has also formed a retail cabinet to explore citywide policies that facilitate retail development in a comprehensive way.

For a list of upcoming retail openings, visit the San Jose Redevelopment Agency website at www.sjredevelopment.org/downtownRetail.htm.

For more information on retail opportunities in Downtown San José, visit the San Jose Redevelopment Agency retail website at www.sanjoseretail.com.

For a complete listing of current Downtown businesses, visit the San Jose Downtown Association website at http://sjdowntown.com/bus.html

Neighborhoods Celebrate Accomplishments

After years of planning, neighborhoods are celebrating their accomplishments with groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies throughout the City of San José. By summer 2005, the San Jose Redevelopment Agency (SJRA) expects to have invested more than $53 million dollars in Strong Neighborhood areas on neighborhood identified priority projects such as park development, street reconstruction, and traffic calming.

Established in 2000 by the San José City Council, the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative is an ambitious neighborhood revitalization program led by the San Jose Redevelopment Agency (SJRA), the City of San José, and the community to build clean, safe, and attractive neighborhoods.

Within the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI), 19 neighborhood advisory committees (NACs) developed specific improvement plans that clearly articulate neighborhood priorities. These NACs are now working closely with City and Redevelopment Agency staff to implement the neighborhoods’ top priority projects.

A 52-member Project Area Committee (PAC), comprising residential tenants and owners, business owners, and representatives of community organizations within the Strong Neighborhood Redevelopment areas, serves as an advisory group to the community, City Council, and SJRA about Strong Neighborhood related issues. The PAC's role was to continue to advise the City Council for three years. The PAC is scheduled to sunset in July 2005.

Strong Neighborhoods is on an aggressive schedule to implement priority projects identified by residents within their communities. Recently completed Strong Neighborhoods projects include: the renovation of the Smythe Clubhouse for the Boys and Girls Club in East San José, the Richmond-Menker Apartments Rehabilitation in the Burbank/Del Monte neighborhood, and two new neighborhood centers in the Edenvale/Great Oaks neighborhood. More than 15 projects are expected to be in construction phase by the end of 2005.

To learn more about Strong Neighborhoods or to get involved, contact Kip Harkness at 408.794.1142.

Harry Mavrogenes Chosen to Lead Largest
Redevelopment Agency in California

Harry Mavrogenes was appointed Executive Director of the San Jose Redevelopment Agency (SJRA) in November 2004 by the City Council, which serves as the San Jose Redevelopment Agency Board. He was the agency’s interim director since December 2003. Local residents, businesses, and organizations provided input for the selection of the executive director position.

He brings expertise in redevelopment and planning, an understanding of how to fulfill the needs of the San José community, and a passion for development. During these challenging times, he has shown creativity in finding alternative ways to move forward with funding the SJRA's programs in the Downtown, Neighborhoods, and Industrial Areas while dealing with the reduction in SJRA revenue due to funds diverting to pay for the state’s deficit.

He joined the SJRA in 1998 serving as deputy executive director and was responsible for the planning and development of major projects including the new King Library, restoration of the historic California Theatre, and revitalization of San José neighborhoods, Downtown San José, and supporting economic growth in the Industrial areas.

Prior to joining the Redevelopment Agency, Mr. Mavrogenes served as assistant city manager and director of economic and community development for the City of Miami Beach, Florida. He has extensive experience in redevelopment and urban planning, including eight years with the City of Miami Beach and a combined 15 years with the San Jose Redevelopment Agency.

At the start of his career, he held several positions with the City of San Jose’s Planning Department and the SJRA, where he was directly involved in the planning and implementation of the San Jose Convention Center, the San Jose Arena, Guadalupe River Park, and the San Jose Downtown Strategy Plan. He has a well-earned reputation for spearheading and completing ambitious projects.

Mr. Mavrogenes received his bachelor’s degree in urban studies from San Francisco State University. He is a member of the Urban Land Institute, the International Economic Development Council, and the International Council of Shopping Centers. He has also served on several public sector and non-profit boards, including the Miami Dade County Private Industry Council and the Beacon Council Regional Economic Development Organization in Miami, Florida.

As executive director, he is committed to revitalizing Downtown San José, the Strong Neighborhoods program, investing in neighborhood improvements in collaboration with residents and local businesses, building more than 3,000 new housing units in the next five years, and managing the growth and development of San Jose’s major industrial development areas.

Mr. Mavrogenes enjoys wine making, and classic car rebuilding. He is married and has three daughters, and lives in the City of San José.

For more information or comments, call the SJRA information hotline at
408.794.1078 or email sjraworks@sanjoseca.gov

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Did you know?

North San Jose Today:

• 42 million square feet of R&D, office, manufacturing and warehouse space

• Generated $118 million in annual tax increment revenues in FY 2003-04

• Home to 1,200 companies and 54,000 workers

North San Jose 2030:

• Add 26.7 million square feet of new R&D and office space, generating over 83,000 new jobs

• Provide for 32,000 new housing units for workers

• Develop 1.4 million square feet of retail space

Retail Facts:

• During the last 18 months, more than 240,000 square feet of retail space was added to Downtown San José

• More than 40 new small restaurants and retail stores have opened in Neighborhood Business Districts in just the
last year

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